Jeremy McGarity
August 8, 2006

My Summer Vacation, Mt. Hermon…The Good Life

My Summer Vacation started and we Just got back from a week at Mt. Hermon in Santa Cruz. They call the area "The Coastal Redwoods." That's our cabin...
What is it about getting away that refreshes the spirit? It took me about a day and a half and then it hit relaxation... My state of mind and body took on such a calm, soupy kind of feeling. Especially in places like the brown bookstore and coffee shop. It has been a while since I have had that feeling. The beach does that for me, and I've had periodic respites lasting at most an hour or so here at home. But Mt. Hermon is different, it is six hours away from here (Apple Valley) but feels like a world away. My Summer Vacation continues as we head to the beach in San Diego. A little time with family, a little time at Kono's eating breakfast on the beach, and a lot of time walking with the Lord on the shores...

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