Jeremy McGarity
February 2, 2007

Bloggin’ Journey

I'm ramped up, I'm ready to go, the weekly bloggin' journey has begun. I've been doing the monthly thing for a while to see if I'll even desire to blog on a consistent basis. I usually journal handwritten notes but exposing my thoughts and feelings to the world can be a bit intimidating. However, I have felt a sense of connection with people I don't even know as I write my blogs. There has also been a sense of freedom and relief to get certain thoughts out and to get feedback on those thoughts. All that to say that I've got a goal of bloggin' weekly now. The bloggin' journey has certainly begun. Now, for this weeks entry...

Next Sunday night at Seven ( (Feb. 11) I'm talking about God's Design and Our Bodies. Better Version of Me pt. 6 His Design. My Body. is the official title. I've been thinking about this subject alot. There are so many twenty somethings at Seven and I'm confident God wants to use each of them for His great purpose. But, so many of people disqualify themselves because of abuse and misuse of their physical body. So, as I've been putting this message together I've been thinking of sex (let me rephrase that) I've been thinking of how sex affects our bodies and what God expects, etc. and here's where I'm going next Sunday night. I'm going to show from God's Word how He views our bodies (heck, He created them) and then what we need to do to get our bodies in a position to be used by God. Remember, something we always say at Seven, "You were made by God and for God and until you realize that, life doesn't make sense." So, I'll talk a bit about sex, etc. but it's not going to be a "sex" message. We've talked a lot about that subject at Seven (Oops! I Keep Dating Losers series. The Gamekillers series, etc.). I'd be glad to get your thoughts. Because I truly believe that if we'll understand His Design for our bodies we'll live life to the full.

Tell me about your purity commitment, how God has used you, your struggles, ups and downs and God's redemption in your life through a struggle with His Design and Your Body.

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