Jeremy McGarity
February 14, 2007

Partying Pastors and Spring Training

Nothing like the National Pastor's Convention to bring the party animal out of 3,000 pastors! Man, we had like crazy times. Free coffee in the morning from 7:30-9:30, yay free! Spontaneous prayer in the hallways, people fellowshipping late into the evening sharing war stories, swimming in the heated hotel pool, swimming in February can you imagine these crazy pastors! OK, I'm kiddin' but it was a nice relaxing time. I also got see my college basketball team (San Diego Christian College) beat Azusa Pacific University, a great game. The pastor's convention is always great to load up on new resources, discover national trends, and essentially refuel for the new year. We had about 10 of our pastors from HDC travel down to San Diego for this four day event...shoot, I think a couple of them got saved. :)

I also used the time in San Diego to catch a fresh wave of God's vision for my life and ministry. Pretty cool to hear His voice and sense His direction so clearly. I'm excited to share this new vision with our Seven Community on February 25 at 7:00PM. I'm really looking forward to sharing the story of what God has been teaching me over the last several months.

Last but not you smell the grass, can you hear the pop of the catcher's mit and the crack of the bat. Yup, it's Spring Training 2007 and Baseball season is about to begin. Having spent 10 years of my life traveling to Florida or Arizona each spring to kick off a new season of hopefully, finally, cracking into the Major Leagues this time of year always fires me up. There is a very strange thing that happens to me each spring when I hear the words, "Pitchers and Catchers Report." I am pulled toward the baseball diamond, I am drawn to the pitcher's mound thinking "maybe this year", "maybe this year". Nowadays I am drawn as a fan, one who loves the game and desires to instill it's team principles and values into my boys. Riley (my 6 yr old) and I started a tradition last year when we went to a Padre game on opening weekend. Once again we will be at Petco Park in San Diego on opening weekend smelling the grass, hearing the pop of the catcher's mit and the crack of the bat. Thank God for baseball season!

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