Jeremy McGarity
May 31, 2007

Back From Israel

Israel was awesome. I went to study the land, walk where Jesus walked and all that good stuff. I went in with simple expectations. I expected to learn, to breath in deep the Holy Land, to experience the places I've talked about from the stage. To walk through the Bible literally. All of that was accomplished and so much more. There were so many times when I got chills as I realized why Jesus said some of the things He said as He stood where I was now standing. The illustrations were right there in front of me.
The picture here is of me on the steps of the temple. A spot where Jesus taught from quite often. Read: Matthew 3.4, 27 where Jesus refers to ritual practices and whitewashed tombs. the tombs you can see off in the distance on the Mt. of Olives. The rituals Jesus was referring to are in front of me they were the ritual baths the Pharisees made people go through before they could come to the temple, it really ticked Jesus off.

Another highlight for me was snorkeling in the Red Sea. You'll see from the picture that when I tried to part it like Moses did it just didn't budge, my snorkel was a dead giveaway of my lack of faith in seeing the sea part. But it was fun to swim around and see the tropical fish lingering around the coral.

I plan to return with a group from Seven San Diego in the future. An experience that will stay with me for a lifetime.

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