Jeremy McGarity
June 26, 2007

Timing, Cancer, God, What?

We arrived in San Diego on Monday June 18. The plan was to be here so we can be "on site" building Seven San Diego. God has different plans. Monday we were with Carol Garlow (Janie's mom) as she had "routine" feminine surgery and was sent home. Tuesday Carol felt intense pain and had to spend the night in the emergency room. Wednesday they found 15-20 masses in her abdomen. Thursday we got the dreaded news "cancer." Talk about a punch to the gut. Now, we are sitting in the waiting room at Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego. Carol was wheeled in for surgery a couple hours ago. The cancer has been officially called "Ovarian cancer." She had her ovaries removed in 1999 but apparently there may have been some left over and the cells may have spread. The surgery today is to determine how "imbedded" the cancer is. If it is imbedded too much they will not remove all the tumors, they will instead start chemotherapy then do surgery a couple weeks later. We are praying the cancer is not imbedded and they can remove it all today. They are also going to remove her spleen, appendix, lymph nodes, and several other items (seven total).

Obviously, we see God's timing in bringing us to San Diego at the time He did. It has been a whirlwind but we are confident in God's provision. We covet your prayers for Carol and the family as we take this walk one step at a time. We certainly can't understand all that God has in store and we don't try to answer the questions of "why?" We simply lean on the promises of Scripture and remember Prov. 3:5-6, "Do not lean on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths." He is directing our paths from the doctors we come in contact with to the nurses to all the people Jim and Carol are able to minister to here at the hospital.

We have been told it will be an 8 month process. Pray Jim and Carol and the family will be able to testify to people here in the hospital as we make this our new home. We are in for the long haul and are looking forward to the day when Carol will be called "Cancer Free."

For all the latest updates on Carol's progress please click the link in the column to right "Carol Garlow Update." or type in your browser:

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