Jeremy McGarity
September 28, 2007

Game Time!

I'm sitting here watching Tigger and Pooh with my 3 year old thinking about tomorrow. We get our equipment from Portable Church and we have our training and practice services this weekend. You can see the outside of our program on the left. We had a little setback when I got a call from PCI that our trailer had left Michigan headed for San Diego and it got in an accident and totally wrecked the trailer. The driver was shaken up but not seriously injured. The 24 foot trailer with 7SD and our website on each side and front and back and with 120k in equipment inside....wrecked...however, they did not believe the contents were damaged. They switched the trailer out and were back on the road with an extra driver to make up for the time they lost. We'll meet them at Olympian High School at 10:00am tomorrow and begin the process of setting up our portable's here! It's Game Time! I've got the same adrenaline pumping that used to pump before I'd pitch. It's a bit hard to control but I love it! Our commercial is ready to go. You can view it here. As many of you know we are going with the iPod/mac theme and our series is entitled iNeed a Life...a guided tour through messy spirituality. Check out the commercial, it definitely has a iPod/mac feel. Our radio adverts hit the airwaves this week as well. And, our neighborhoods were flooded with 60,000 mailouts from Seven San Diego Church. The word is out! We are no longer a secret. Hey, check out the site to see pictures from the Seven Days of Invasion which couldn't have gone better. I was so excited to see our leadership teams laying the foundation for serving our community. The response from the community was truly shock and awe. Most people couldn't understand why we wanted to serve them. After explaining that we are a new church trying to get to our community people were amazed and very interested in "checking us out." [youtube] Please be praying for us. We definitely have our work cut out for us. It's going to take extra effort to get people to us. We are off the beaten path in Otay Ranch but we are in a great facility. Many of our volunteers will be on street corners pointing people to Seven San Diego. Our area is so new, that I don't even think some of the streets are on google maps yet. Thanks again, for partnering with us, praying with us, and for so many of you...being with us here in San Diego. For those of you commuting from the High Desert we know it's an extra effort to drive all the way down here and be a part of what's going on. Thank you, thank you...we just couldn't do this without you!

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