Jeremy McGarity
September 11, 2007

Olympian HS Football, Servant Evangelism, Updates

You know what, it's nice to get a win. Here's what I mean. We had 23 volunteers at Olympian HS on Friday Night for Olympian High School's first ever home football game in their brand new stadium. We threw out T-Shirts that said, "I was there" 09-07-07 with the Olympian HS Eagle logo on them. Our volunteers launched them into the stands as people were going crazy trying to get these shirts it was awesome!!!

After the game we all stayed after and with latex gloves and trash bags we picked up trash and cleaned the entire stadium in 25 minutes. I've got to tell you the smile on the face of the principle and assistant principle as well as the HUGE smiles on the faces of the two custodians said it all. It was a WIN! We were so glad to be there and serve our community by firing up the crowd and then cleaning the stadium. There was only ONE custodian assigned to cleaning the stadium (he would have been there for a couple of hours at least) his smile was the largest. It was good to meet the custodians and share a little bit about our mission.

The principle and assistant principle were glad to see us there and excited about the shirts. The shirts were essentially a gift from us to the school, a thank you for allowing us to meet in their brand new auditorium and a sign to tell them we are here to be a blessing not a burden. By the way the OHS Eagles beat a team from Canada eh?

Well, if you've been keeping up with our sevensd blog we are quickly approaching our first preview service on October 7. Things are coming together extremely well. I am absolutely thrilled with our progress and have seen God do some amazing works already. Here's a few bullet points on what were looking to accomplish these next two weeks (for details visit our website or the blog).
1. Finalize deal on Office Space// Mid-week meeting space location.
2. Print 50,000 mailers to go out in a week and a half.
3. Print 50,000 handouts for Street Scene. We will be at Street Scene 07 at Coors Ampitheatre in CV handing out our stuff...a total God-thing as we are the ONLY church approved to do this....huh??? WOW!!!! Street Scene is an all weekend party with concerts all day and into the wee hours of the night. Check it out online google "Street Scene 07."
4. Put the final touches on our Radio and TV/Movie Adverts.
5. 7 Days of Invasion: Seven consecutive days of serving our community, the whole "Church without Walls" thang!

I could go on but for all the latest keep checking the links to the right.

Right now I'm sitting here overwhelmed with thankfulness for the people God is bringing to Seven SD. Servants of the Lord that are absolutely sacrificing and making this thing happen. I really can't thank all of you enough. Everyone, from those partnering with us in prayer to those sacrificing by giving up their treasured possessions and giving to Seven SD to make this dream a reality...and for what...only the greatest cause on the face of the earth. Showing people Jesus, Connecting them to His family, Helping them Grow in faith, equipping them for Action, and doing all of it so that people might HONOR GOD with their lives. Thanks for being an ANSWER TO PRAYER.


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