Jeremy McGarity
October 29, 2007

Date Night

I love dating my wife! After a few hectic weeks my wife and I finally got a chance to have a date! Granted it was after we put the kids to bed and left them with Grandma. And there wasn't much action at Parkway Plaza being that it was closed and we arrived there at 9:00pm on Sunday night. However, the ever faithful Regal Cinemas were open, but our movie was not to begin until 9:45pm...alas... a few moments in an empty food court sitting at a closed Starbucks kiosk sipping on nothing but our future plans. Plans to own a home in Otay Ranch and to maybe replace our 1999 Suburban (110,000 miles) with something a little more But, I love the Suburban, for a guy like me who's somewhere north of 6 foot 5, you can't beat the leg room, even if I would save some gas cash. So, it'll be hard to replace even though I feel as though I need to take out home equity line of credit every time I fill up...seriously, triple digits on the fill ups are killin' the "future plans."

Back to the Date Night stuff. We watched Dan in Real Life with Steve Carrell.

Good movie. A bit slow in the beginning and Dan seems like quite the whiner and pouter. But, it actually was funny and turned out to be pretty good. If you're the movie reviewer type see this link for a complete review

But, more importantly my beautiful wife and I had nachos and cheese with jalapenos (good ones too!) and I didn't have any GERD later...minor miracle in itself (those of you who do not know what GERD are blessed)'s like bad heartburn.
We also had popcorn and a huge coke. Lots of salt on the popcorn. It took what seemed like an hour to put salt on the corn because some foo in Saltville thinks there's a salt shortage and requires movie theaters in this neck of the woods to have incredibly minuscule packets of salt. Several thousand of them in a little cup/basket thing.

I love salty popcorn, lots of salt and when we lived in Victorville the movie theaters had salt dispensers that resembled gas cans. Just pour it on, the salt would flow all over the corn and sting your mouth with the first bite. If you ask me that's the way it should be.

After the movie, feeling full of jalapenos, popcorn and salt we made our way to our 1999 GMC truck with 109,000 miles and a broken driver seat that slides forward ever so slightly when I apply the brakes. A truck that doubles as a tow truck to haul our 10,000 pound Portable Church trailer...what fun that should see the low rider in action. Sparks light up the pre-dawn freeway as I make the 25 minute commute to Chula Vista on preview Sundays. We climbed in breathed deep of the few hours of fun together and drove back to mom's house that we share with three dogs, two cats, lots of friendly spiders and my super great uncle who lives in his RV in the driveway.

Yeah, I love dating my wife.

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