Jeremy McGarity
November 30, 2007

Black Friday

22 Gallons of Starbucks Coffee.
35 dozen donuts.
25 dozen donut holes....GONE! all of it!!!
500 people, Wal-Mart the day after Thanksgiving

Seven San Diego was there to serve the 500 or so people standing in line waiting for bargains at the Wal-Mart in Otay Ranch. We used it all up (except for a few donut holes consumed by the worker elves). We had great feedback and from the community of Otay Ranch for our serving those people cold, thirsty and standing in line needing a hot cup of Starbucks...for some it was a dream come true and an answer to prayer. Many people commented how great it was to see a church meeting the needs of people in such a unique way. Others said how they've been looking for a church and some promised on their donut hole they'd come visit us, we'll hold 'em to it!

Hopefully, we planted some seeds and laid more groundwork for getting the word out about this mission called Seven San Diego Church.

2:30am, getting the coffee ready at the Sneddon's in Otay Ranch

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