Jeremy McGarity
November 9, 2007

The C’s are Back!

Just a quick rant about my Celtics. This could be the year! The Celtics look good...good....The acquistion of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen has proven that Danny Ainge is the right man for the job with the C's! They absolutely throttled the Nuggets last night! We had 78 points in the first half having built a 39 point lead...are you kidding me...that's like when I play my friend Chad one on one in hoops...NO CONTEST.... I'm predicting the C's will be in the finals and take home their...are you ready for this...17th NBA title. No team has that many. Not the Lakers, Bulls, Knicks, or the Spurs. The Irishmen are simply the best franchise in the history of the NBA. This is really healing salve as my Domers are pathetic this year, it's tough to watch but hey we're rebuilding! Notre Dame has started 1-7, but the one win was huge...UCLA! Watch out for next year with the Domers!...I hope. In the meantime I'll watch the Celtics continue to roll through the NBA is an undefeated season possible? 3-0 is a good start.

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