Jeremy McGarity
November 9, 2007

Trunk R’ Treat and Block Party in Otay Ranch

Copy this link into your browser FOR PICTURES OF THE TRUNK R' TREAT.

The Trunk R' Treat went awesome! We were pleasantly surprised with the turnout. I think there was about 300 or so, my wife thinks more like 200 or so but I like the evange-lastic- number better. Still, by just doing door hangers in the area and having a crazy lady on the street corner all lighted up (my mom) waving people into the park it was a very electric atmosphere. Numerous people thanked us for doing this for the community. It's just another one of those community grass roots events that lays the foundation for more events in the future. We may only get a few people from this event to come check us out on a preview Sunday but this event along with the many we have planned to do in the future, and the ones we've done in the past start to add up and people start to pay attention to this church that is always doing something relevant in the community.

It was a steady flow of people from 6pm to 9pm. Lots of kids playing in the park, grabbing hot dogs and rummaging through the several trunks lined up full of candy and glow sticks and glow/bouncy eye balls! We actually ran out of candy and hot dogs at one point and had to make a quick run to the store to pick up more which was promptly devoured by more people showing up later in the night.

We also got help from a couple from HDC that had just moved to Otay Ranch two weeks ago! By chance (divine appointment really) we handed them a door hanger in the park a week before the event. They looked at it and said, "Seven!" We're from HDC, we just moved here two weeks(because of a job transfer) ago and heard you guys were here somewhere but didn't know where!" It was so cool to see them come to the Trunk R' Treat and help out!

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