Jeremy McGarity
December 4, 2007

Vision Otay Ranch

Today I was invited to a meeting of Realtors in the Otay Ranch area. About 40 Realtors listened to a representative from a group that owns the land in and around Otay Ranch (23,000 acres worth!). The Gentleman laid out the plans for the next 10-15 years of growth in this area. It was very encouraging to hear how everything is coming along. One of the most interesting things is that this gentleman said this community is clearly targeting young families...hmm...sounds like Seven San Diego has found it's match community! We figured this all along because of demographics, community designs, front porches on the new homes, lots of walking paths, wide sidewalks, tree lined streets, "traffic calming" designs, etc. etc... But, it was great to hear it from the company who designed this community.

I want to list by bullet point some of the future plans:
1. Resort (800 room plan approved. Tuscany style resort) and Resort Community around Otay Lake (2,000 homes, natural preserves all around and great bass fishing at Otay Lake)
2. A University (Originally named UC Chula Vista, however talks are ongoing it could be an extension campus of another UC school or SDSU).
3. Rapid Transit (infrastructure all set, waiting on purchasing natural gas trolleys).
4. 12,000 more homes in Otay Ranch alone (mostly around Olympian High School!) We are situated nicely.
5. 35,000 more residents to come to Otay Ranch
6. Another High School, more elementary schools
7. Village concept continues. This concept encourages pedestrian activity and limits reliance on automobile. They are calling it a "return to small town America." All homes within a quarter mile of a park, shopping, etc. There are a total of 7 villages planned (nice number :). Currently one is complete. The next one is called Montecito Village and the gentleman today said Montecito will be the "heart" of Otay Ranch. Folks, Montecito is going to be all around Olympian HS. That's where this second village is going and they are well on their way to getting this one done. We're already seeing more homes and grading for parks, shops, etc. going on. They did say they may need to slow the grading down and let the market catch up but they are not planning on stopping. This is the largest master planned concept in San Diego County and a model for communities everywhere.
8. Potential hotel near the Otay Ranch Town Center.
9. And ARE YOU READY FOR THIS!!! The SAN DIEGO CHARGERS ARE LOOKING AT A POTENTIAL SITE FOR THEIR NEW STADIUM...RIGHT BY OLYMPIAN HIGH SCHOOL...SHUT UP...NO I'M SERIOUS! Hey some Chargers need the Lord too :) Of course not as many Chargers are "lost" compared to Raiders...but that's for another blog.

I was extremely excited to hear this news. Seven San Diego is currently positioned on the front end of the growth here in Otay Ranch and we could be the beneficiaries of thousands of people who will need a church as they move to this area.

Hit this link to see more about Otay Ranch.

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