Jeremy McGarity
January 15, 2008

Preview #4 The Final Frontier

Preview no more
No more practice, it's time to grow up. Real church begins February 10. We've had a blast. Absolutely, getting Seven San Diego down the runway and getting ready for lift off has been a joy, a challenge, and all of the emotions one can imagine when doing something you passionately believe in.

The Preview totals are in: 643 people in four preview services for an average of 161 people. We are so excited. Thank you to all who have made this possible. If you're reading this, you were likely a part of this through your volunteering, your prayers, or your financial support...Wow, thanks.

Check out the message from the weekend on our website entitled, "What to do When iNeed a New Start." from our final installment of our iNeed a Life series...a guided tour through messy spirituality. For more information about our latest series entitled: Journey into Wonderland, Answering Life's Most Pondered Questions check out our website or blog at or

We've got a lot to do between now and February 10 so please continue to pray for us as we embark on this brand new stage in the life of Seven San Diego...weekly church gatherings..phew...

On to other subjects. My Bolts! Big win over Indy. This team has it. We beat the defending Super Bowl champs twice this year! That's not easy. My best bud is huge Packers fan so if his Packers make it and my Chargers make it we're heading to Phoenix for the Super Bowl, somehow, some way we'll find a way there to see the game. But first we've got our hands full with the undefeated New England Patriots. It's payback time. Last year they took us out of the playoffs and rubbed it in our face. Oh how sweet it would be to take 'em out now. Not that it really matters in all eternity and all that spiritual stuff...but man it would be sweet :)

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