Jeremy McGarity
May 12, 2008

Goin’ to Rehab

Our brand new series is called Relationship Rehab. We're looking at Rethink, Restore and Rediscover your Relationships. Yesterday was the first in the series. We honored Mom's and talked about God's Design for the family. We've got some really creative people on our team who came up with the idea to give away free family portraits to everyone in attendance. That went really well, families lined up to get their pictures taken and we had a special printer that printed the pictures immediately and then we framed 'em and gave it our guests. We also included a CD of the picture so families could go and get it blown up. It was a really good Sunday. other news, my Padres have won two in a row, we are now only a half game out....of not being the worst team in baseball. It's early, stranger things have happened, we could still pull this thing together.

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