Jeremy McGarity
August 9, 2009

Summer of 09

My increased use of twitter has tripped up my blogging. Blogger is also extremely slow in uploading photos and video so I've turned to twitter for my followers needs :).

However, to work on my writing and journaling skills--or lack thereof--I want to continue to blog at some level.

It's been a good summer. It's been a challenging summer. So many lessons learned, experiences I've had of which the memories will last a lifetime.

We just got back from a round trip that included Janie's cousin's funeral in Kansas, our annual visit to Mt. Hermon in the Coastal Redwoods and visiting our friends in High Desert of Victorville and Apple Valley.

Sometimes I wonder where'd I'd be if it weren't for the peace and serenity that is Mt. Hermon. I am so thankful for that place. Here are a couple pictures and you will see what I mean.

Coming back to church and firing up the ministry engines means finding a worship leader, finding a building and getting rockin' and rollin' for the Fall.

As for the now, the Yankees and the Red Sox are about to get going on Sunday night Baseball so this blog will end for now--but follow me on twitter for more updates, more consistently.

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