Jeremy McGarity
July 6, 2012


I am an optimist. I see the glass half full. No doubt about it. How else can one explain the fact that in my bean head I'm thinking the Padres might not lose another game this year? I've played the story out, I've seen the miracle, I feel it happening! They were by far, the worst team in Major League Baseball just a couple road trips ago. Now, they have won 6 in a row. Seriously, 6 wins in a row for a team that was truly made up of multiple Double A players and mostly Triple A players. It was the best minor league show in town. Now we have climbed over the crumbling Colorado Rockies and find ourselves...wait for it.... just 13 games out of first place (do you hear the positivity?). Ok, that means the three teams above us DIAMONDBACKS, GIANTS AND DODGERS have to lose a lot of games... in a row... and we have to keep winning, we pretty much cannot lose another game this year to have a chance. But, isn't that what baseball's all about?... a chance.... There's no time limit on games, there's no clock ticking down and no definite ending until the LAST OUT. So I say Playoffs here we come! Thank you O'Malley's! just when you started coming around WE STARTED WINNING. Here's to our new owners, cheers with half full glasses!

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