Jeremy McGarity
September 25, 2012



Wow, seriously NFL? What has been happening with the replacement ref's (bless their hearts) [which is always what you say before you rip someone] is a total joke. They are over their heads, unqualified and being used as pawns in a high stakes game NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in charge of. He rolled the dice and came up a loser because this experiment is NOT working.

Monday night's game was the straw that broke the camel's back for me. I don't usually (actually ever) feel bad for referees, hey, you want to make at least 50% of the people (millions of people watching their team) unhappy every time you open your mouth..that's your fault for choosing to be a ref. But, these poor guys and gal are in way over their heads. The game just moves so much faster at the NFL level then the division three level where most of these ref's were plucked from. The NFL continues to insult the sports fan's intelligence by saying, "We are seeing improvement." HUH? ....

Now, since I'm a pastor, let me tie this in to something spiritual...cuz that's what I do dawg... :)

Ok, Churches do this to people all the time. They insult people's intelligence with poor facilities (Qualcomm Stadium, hence people don't want to go and games are blacked out on local TV), poor leadership (refereeing) and poor execution of the service (Chargers vs. Falcons last Sunday). Pastors are the Roger Goodell's of their churches. It's up to you and your leadership to stop insulting the people's intelligence in your community thinking they know "Christianese" and are excited to learn about what happened to the Jebusites 3,000 years ago. The Shag carpet (although making somewhat of a comeback in many worship leaders stage sets) is a dead giveaway that since you can't take care of your Spiritual House you can't take care of their Spiritual Lives. 

It's a high stakes game pastors play every week and so many are rolling the dice and coming up loser because people don't want to go to the broken down facility with the bad referees and poorly executed order of service. 

Mr. Goodell, for the love of the game, for the integrity of the sport, figure out a way to bring back the referees who know what they are doing.

Pastors, people in our communities are asking, Please, for the love of Jesus and the integrity of the Word of God speak in a language they can understand, reach into their culture and don't be afraid to meet people where they are and let Jesus get them where they need to be.

Is that fair? I'd love to hear your feedback and thoughts, even if you rip me (just say "bless his heart" first).


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