Jeremy McGarity
October 6, 2012

I Love Officiating Weddings

Today I officiated a wedding at the Catamaran Resort in San Diego. The setting was perfect. But, the reason I love officiating is because I get to meet so many awesome people. Today was no exception. This couple was absolutely awesome and I was blessed to get to know them. Standing there listening to them share their own vows (the Bride is a young widow and the groom a nationally known comedian with his own TV show and wildly popular comedy tour) I was honored to be there and hear them share their hearts in front of their friends and family. I realized in that moment what an honor it was to be there. I loved hearing about their devotion and commitment to each other and how God brought them together... man, I love officiating weddings! [caption id="attachment_579" align="alignnone" width="300"] Getting Ready for the Big Day[/caption]

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