Jeremy McGarity
November 8, 2012


Since my last post we've had another 20+ people say YES! to Jesus for the first time. This is exciting and it never gets old!!! This is why we started 7SD church. However, the reality check is that there are 50,000 people in Lakeside and nearby unincorporated areas, not to mention the 95,000 in neighboring El Cajon or the 55,000 in neighboring Santee. Just looking at the 50,000 minus about 5,000 that probably go to church in and outside of Lakeside = 45,000 unchurched potentially. So, take 45,000 minus 150 1st time decisions for Jesus this year at 7SD and you get 44,850 to go. Good start but it's kind of like kicking a field goal in the first quarter of a football game. Glad to get some points on the board but there's a lot of game left.

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