Jeremy McGarity
January 15, 2013

Chargers New Head Coach…

Ok, the house is cleaned. New GM, New Head Coach. Great, now did we get the right guy? Of course only time will tell until we see the results on the field. The reality for Chargers new head coach Mike McCoy is that he has to make a Jim Harbaugh like splash to win this fan base. Ever since the firing of Marty after a stellar 14-2 season (see #egoAJSmith) this fan base has been ticked.

I will say this about Mike McCoy after watching his first press conference, he can communicate. I like that. He has started well. His press conference was well done. Dean Spanos wanted someone who could communicate (check box #1). Now, can he coach? Can he lead? He can offensive coordinate, no question. He guided a Tebow led offense to a win in the playoffs last year. This year with Peyton Manning at QB the Broncos had the #1 seed in the AFC. He can OC. We had a guy that can OC (see #Norv). We need a leader. I'm looking forward to it. Did we get the right guy? Only time will tell.



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