Jeremy McGarity
October 22, 2013

Training in Indiana




If you would like to take your church to the next level join us at our next training seminar in Bedford, Indiana at Valley Mission Church of the Nazarene.

This will be a great time to learn the methodologies behind... wait for it... CHURCH GROWTH! yes I said it, CHURCH GROWTH. I know it's taboo to say that word these days because words like "Missional" and "Incarnational" are so much more popular. However, using big words doesn't grow a church. Jesus grows churches...always has...always will... this seminar focuses on how Jesus taught us to reach the lost. And, how the church can be equipped to reach their world....not THE world...THEIR world. This is not a fad, a gimmick or a new way. It is simply learning His principles...for many people learning them...again... and infusing them into the life of the church body.

I hope you will join us.






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