Jeremy McGarity
December 2, 2014

Why I Started Recycling

Our IMPACT Campaign, "Building a Place for Imperfect People" is off and running and it is changing the way we look at things. I was reading through Acts 4:32-37 where Barnabas sold a field and brought the money to the disciples. I don't have a field I can sell but I have continued to consider what God would have us do as a family in terms of sacrificial giving and how it will change our lifestyle. Something our consultant Bob said recently stuck with me when he talked about our giving testimonies. He mentioned we need to share how we are sacrificing for the Lord to get our church home. Not just that we are going to give and that we are tithing, etc... It was such a good reminder because this campaign isn't just about giving. But, this whole idea of stewardship and sacrificial giving means our lifestyle will change. It means we will live differently because of what God is calling us to do for Him, for our community, for our Oikos and for those who aren't here yet. So, my wife and I have scrutinized our spending, found areas where we can cut and found areas where we can save. AND, found an area where we can put even more toward the IMPACT campaign.... so, yes... I'm recycling... Ok, now, first of all, I've always recycled... well, I mean I've always put the recyclables in the blue recycle bin the trash company gives me. But, I've always hated the thought of taking the smelly, sticky, and ant and fly infested cans and bottles to the smelly, sticky, ant and fly infested recylcle company to get my CA CRV back! But, for IMPACT I will get smelly sticky and ant and fly infested to get more cash to put toward our goal of seeing our church have a home! It's just another way our lifestyle has changed as God continues to show us the really important things in life are not things. What we are attempting is historic and will have an IMPACT for generations to come. Join our journey at and click on IMPACT to see a glimpse at what our future home may look like. P.S. attached is an actual picture of my most recent trip to the recycler which netted me $15.78. However, including my last trip of $38.18 that's an additional $53.96 of real money toward IMPACT! ---can't you just smell the awesomeness! recyle.jpgrecyle

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