Jeremy McGarity
December 6, 2015

A year later…

It's been over a year since we started the process for The Impact campaign, "Building a Place for Imperfect People" and it has been going fast and strong. The overview:
  1. Sept 2014: We announced plans to raise money to find a place to call our church home.
  2. Feb 2015: We received 1.4 million in commitments.
  3. June 2015: We found a church home.
  4. June 2015-Current: We began remodeling.
  • Architecture and new look to the outside of the buildings in planning stages
  • Outdoor children's and athletic zone currently in planning stages
  • Auditorium in process of remodeling. Including new chairs, technology, sound booth, lobby, cry room, video room, security room and much more.
  • New landscaping
  • Fellowship Hall turned into Cafe Venue
  • Offices completed remodeled.
  • Children's classrooms completely remodeled.
  We have seen amazing changes in one year since I last posted. I am so thankful for the people of Seven Church and the community of Lakeside. Thankful for your patience, perseverance, hope and excitement as we turn our campus into a  Perfect Place for Imperfect People. Below are some pictures of the progress. And there is much much more to come!!! [gallery ids="807,811,808,813,809,810,812,815,816,814,817,818,820,819,821" type="rectangular" orderby="rand"] ` [gallery ids="939,936,934,933,932,931,925,927,928,929,930,923,922,921,920,919,917,916,915,914,913,912,910,909,911,905,904,903,902,901,900,894,895,896,897,898,899,893,892,891,890,889,888,883,884,886,887,881,880,879,878,877,876,870,871,872,873,874,875" type="rectangular"]

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