Jeremy McGarity
June 27, 2016

How To Speak to JW and Mormon’s at Your Door

As I mentioned on Sunday, there is a seemingly renewed push by the Jehovah's Witnesses and Mormons to recruit new adherents. In Lakeside and Santee they seem to be everywhere. In my neighborhood alone, I have seen them and engaged them multiple times in the last several months. I have seen them on consecutive weeks multiple times. They completely ignore "no soliciting" signs of our neighborhood and make no mistake, they are there to lead you on the wrong path. They will not stop until you start talking about the real Jesus. I shared on Sunday how I have had long discussions with some JW and Mormon's pointing out their errors in Scripture only to see them completely ignore what I said and give their rote response. Although I sincerely hope they come around and find the real Jesus of the Bible, in my experience, they do not listen to me, they only try vigorously to convert me to their false ideology. I believe the best way a cultist can be converted is the best way anyone can be converted, through a relationship, a trusted one. Perhaps someone in their family will be able to share the truth with them and lead them to the real Jesus. Therefore, I find the stand at the door and debate pretty useless. I no longer tolerate them in my neighborhood and after telling them about the real Jesus and seeing no genuine response from them, I kindly tell them to leave my neighborhood, as I believe God has placed me in my neighborhood for a reason, it is not by accident (Acts 17:26) as I am trying to lead my Oikos (my neighbors) to the truth. As a way to help prepare you, I told you to go to the website I am providing a link so you can be prepared to discuss Jesus with them. THEY BELIEVE IN A DIFFERENT JESUS. Understand, it is NOT the same JESUS. Click the link and read and print out the article, it will help you... and you won't want to hide and be quiet when they come to the door, (nobody wants to feel like a prisoner in their own home and you don't have to!) you can be prepared and even bold and even look forward to them coming so you can witness and share the TRUTH.

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