Jeremy McGarity
October 3, 2018


A MINISTRY UPDATE: ONE CHURCH, THREE LOCATIONS AND BABIES EVERYWHERE! It is with great excitement, anticipation, and a tremendous sense of responsibility that I have accepted the role of Sr. Pastor at Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego. I will remain the Sr. Pastor of Seven San Diego Church as well. You may wonder how. On September 9 we announced that we were growing and expanding and that Skyline Church in Rancho San Diego was considering making me Sr. Pastor, which included Seven San Diego Church as part of this plan. In other words, while I'll technically be Sr. Pastor of two churches the reality is we will have the same vision, mission, values, and outreach focus at both churches. So, we will become ONE church over time. It will take time to transition and for everyone to catch the vision but over time we will see the vision come to fruition. You can see that announcement by clicking this link. The announcement begins at the 32:00 minute mark of the video. Seven Church Vision Announcement In that announcement I mentioned that we would become one church in two locations pending a vote of the Skyline congregation on September 30 for me to become their Sr. Pastor.  However, it is actually going to be one church in three locations as I did not mention the fact that Skyline has a church in Clifton/Clyde Kansas that is a satellite campus. So, one church in three locations is actually what is happening. Skyline is an incredible church with incredible people that have such a great heart for the Lord and their community that I believe it is a great fit with the hearts of the people of Seven San Diego Church. This gives us greater reach to make a difference in more areas of East County San Diego, Kansas, and beyond. We are excited and thrilled with the response from Seven church and the response of Skyline church because you are all such a Kingdom minded group of people. We truly believe we are better together. Skyline voted after all three of their services this last Sunday September 30 and the vote was extremely positive and affirmative which means we can begin to move forward in our one church in three locations expansion. If you would like to see the Sunday September 23 message when I spoke at Skyline and talked about this you can see the video by clicking this link.  Skyline Church Vision Message What this means is beginning Sunday November 18 we will begin our journey together as one church in three locations. You may have questions about this transition. In my message at both Seven and Skyline I address frequently asked questions about this process and what it may look like in the future. If you have any other questions please feel free to call the office at 619-977-9277 or send us an email at info@sevensdchurch.comwe would be glad to answer any questions you may have. Children's Ministry Growth The children’s facility expansion is happening right now. Our growing kids ministry at Seven San Diego Church has needed more space, especially in our nursery. Well, by this Sunday, October 7 you will see that the Nursery has exponentially expanded! It is such a great thing to see more and more babies and kids coming to Seven! Thank you for inviting your Oikos. We truly believe what we say a lot around here “An Invite Can Change a Life.” We’re seeing more lives changed every week…keep inviting! God Bless you, Jeremy

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