Jeremy McGarity
March 14, 2007

Seven San Diego Prospective Sites

I'm in San Diego this week looking at prospective sites for our church launch and talking with numerous pastors and church planters here in San Diego. Trying to learn all I can about what others have done that went well and what others have done that didn't work out so well. I am also adding partner churches to our list of current partner churches. It's really exciting to see churches with a Kingdom mindset. I spoke with a pastor from a huge church in the Chula Vista (Eastlake) area who said, "Jeremy, we welcome you, come on down here we need your church because we can't reach all these people ourselves!" That fires me up, teaming up with Kingdom minded people. Alright as far as the location search, our first choice would be the movie theatre that is supposed to be complete sometime in the Fall (click on the video). However, if that is not complete I have found a nice alternative. There is an elementary school nearby that is brand new. The multipurpose room could easily hold hundreds of people and it has a stage. There is a kids playground, benches, grass, tables, you name it it's all there just outside the multipurpose room. Very exciting to see this as a potential launch site. I'll be here the rest of the week scouting out the Otay Ranch area...wish you were with me, it's very exhilarating! Check out the video we filmed outside of the movie theatre that is currently under construction. Thanks for your continued prayers and support.
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  1. i’m fired up as well. can’t wait to see you guys on friday! the school sounds like a GREAT alternative. give janie my hugs. i miss her!

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