Jeremy McGarity
March 29, 2007

Shadow Mountain Agrees to Sponsor Seven SD

Great News! Shadow Mountain Community Church has agreed to sponsor Seven San Diego. What that means is we have immediate help, protection, legal status, insurance, non-profit status, etc. through Shadow Mountain. Shadow has always been a very special church to me. Pastor David Jeremiah was my first pastor as a young believer ( I still consider him my pastor today) he also gave the pastoral prayer at my wedding on September 19, 1998. As many of you know he has an international TV and Radio program called Turning Point which kept me company in places as far away as Duluth Minnesota and Spartanburg South Carolina during my baseball travels. Shadow is also the church on the campus of my alma mater San Diego Christian College I have many friends on staff at the school and church so it really makes sense that we would partner together. However, Shadow didn't have to do this, they are an extremely busy ministry all across the world and the fact that they would take a start up like Seven San Diego and support it shows the Kingdom mindedness of Shadow and it's Sr. Leader David Jeremiah. We are honored that Shadow would take on a project like Seven San Diego.

The picture is from the Otay Ranch Town Center Food Pavillion near where we're going to launch Seven SD.
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  1. So jeremy, have you guys decided to use the theatre instead of the school? just curious…chris and i were thinking that the school is just SOOO IDEAL! anyway, that’s all…. have a great day!🙂

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