Jeremy McGarity
April 2, 2007

Garage Sellin’

Our first garage sale before we move to San Diego was a success. I got totally into it. I was pulling out stuff from the backyard, the guest bathroom, the neighbor's yard, if you could see it I would sell it. We really cleared out a lot of stuff. We know we're going to be downsizing so just about everything must go! We'll have one more moving sale after we sell our home. Click on the link to see our home on the web. The garage sale was another step in the process of launching the new church in San Diego. We're waiting for the house to sell then we'll make our move to SD as soon as Riley finishes school in June.

2 thoughts on “Garage Sellin’”

  1. i glanced at that bottom picture and i THOUGHT that was my big rear end dressed all in black! who took this picture? i demand to know so i can look the photographer in the eye. they need to know that my back side isn’t the most camera friendly! “GOSH, so retaaarrded!”

  2. But, yes, i’ll admit that you guys DID do really good. Those neighbors of yours were awfully kind to let you sell their kids.: )

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