Jeremy McGarity
August 21, 2007

Seven San Diego, High Desert Church, PCI, Divine appt… and many more!

I'm sitting in Starbucks in Otay Ranch Town Center in Chula Vista, getting ready to fire off this blog and I look up and see our latest advertisement on the Starbucks community board (the orange "Ineed a life" cards) must be the work of Roberto and his cohorts! I love it!!!

I am fired up to tell you that we just got back from High Desert Church ( where I was able to share what has been going on since we've arrived in San Diego. I was also able to share a message and the church took an offering for Seven San Diego. We just gave the green light to Portable Church Industries to build us a custom audio/visual, staging, lighting, kids stuff, name it they've ordered it as of TODAY and they are building the cases and customizing our trailer where all this stuff will go. It is such a great ministry and such a great blessing to be able to utilize PCI. google them and check out what they do. Every church planter I've spoken with has either been so glad they used PCI or they wished they had. Everything will be ready and delivered as by September 30 so we can have a "practice" service where everyone learns how everything works. PCI tells us that once people see how everything works it will take 30-45 minutes to set up, and take down the church...amazing!

Website: Although our website is not complete it is launched, there's still lots to see on it, scroll and click around.

Friends: We had such a great time being with our friends in the High Desert. Thanks so much to the Lovett's for the awesome meal and fellowship...errr...hang out time :)

Great to see the Coulombe's, the Ely's, some of the guys on staff that weren't gone at family camp like George, Jack, Scott, David B. Paul, The tech guys and gals...the whole litter of 'em!
We had such a great time and we miss you guys so there's only one solution YOU ALL NEED TO MOVE TO SAN DIEGO!!! I know of a great church...

You can pray for us: 1. Riley: a spot to open up for him at Literacy First Charter School (a great school, run by great people).
2. The divine appointment I had with a gentelman from the Southern Baptist Foundation who said his foundation helps church starts like ours. He happened to be at HDC when I preached Saturday night, it was his first time ever at HDC and went because he felt he anyone...pray...that (shoot let's just be honest) we'd get lot's of money for our needy church start. It is what foundations like his does and we need $ to make a lot of the big dreams happen. It's coming, and this will certainly help. Pray for 50 ( if you think I'm saying 50 bucks...your faith is too small) you know what I mean??????? We could hire a couple of key people and make a lot happen with 50. Say it like this "Fitty" we need "Fitty" Lord bring us "Fitty" Thank you Jesus for "Fitty" AMEN!

3. Please continue to pray for Janie's mom Carol. She had her first chemo treatment and has been battling like a true champ. She had a couple of good days this week. Pray for Jim also as he has many pressures at this time. Janie could also use your prayers as she takes on a heavy load for the family in caring for Mom Garlow, the kids, the house, and so many other things.

4. Our house to sell. "I make you bery good deal" seriously, what up? definitley not the market...God's timing is perfect, no question, nuff said. keep praying.

Next up: meetings and more meetings for more fundraising and connections here in SD. Aug. 31 Fellowship night at the Padres. September - Oct 7 FULL STEAM AHEAD toward our first preview service!!! Check out our blog at or our website at for all the latest with seven sd.

Thanks for partnerning with us in prayer, in giving, in service.

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