Jeremy McGarity
September 11, 2007

My Boy, His Front Tufus and our Mexico Trip

Riley lost his second front tooth tonight. The thing has been hanging on by a thread for the last few days. So, a little incentive was in order...Five Bucks if he let us pull it out. Well Daddy got the pliers and a wash cloth took Mama's touch. Tweezers and a napkin and out it came. I thought I'd post a couple of Riley's shots after losing the tooth.

In other news we traveled to Tijuana yesterday to visit Janie's mom who is staying at the Oasis clinic near the beach in TJ. What an awesome place. She is feeling better and better and we had a fantastic visit with her for most of the day. She seemed like Mom again. We know there is a long road ahead but to see her color come back in her face and her energy returning is so exciting. I don't have time nor the space to write all about the Oasis clinic and what they do. But you can google them and read their story on their website...absolutely a godly place. We are thankful Carol can be there and get such quality care.
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  1. Ry is looking soo big. Tell him to stop growing!

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