Jeremy McGarity
October 28, 2007

Chargers Help Get Things Back To "Normal"

After hundreds of thousands of acres scorched the Chargers scorched the Texans and helped the healing process here in SD. It seems like everyone has been affected by these fires in one way or another. Whether it's someone directly affected by losing their home or someone we know who is related to someone or we know someone with smoke damage to their home..the whole seven degrees of separation sure seems true in a time like this.

It was good to see the Bolts win big. Before the game the Chargers ran onto the field with firefighters, police, and medical personnel that helped in the fires. A very memorable scene.

If you've been following our SevenSD blog you saw that our Kids Matter Safety Fair has been postponed for obvious reasons as the firefighters and police personnel still have their hands full in SD county. We were expecting over 8,000 people for that event (that was according to the CHP) and from that we were expecting many people to come to Seven SD for the first time. We are confident this means it will be even better when we are able to do it. It seems at this point it may be November 30 or Dec. 1

On to other subjects. Here's what I'm reading today:

Talent Is Never Enough by John Maxwell is a good book. John has always been one of my favorite authors and the main reason for that is very simple, whatever he writes challenges me to do better, to reach higher, and to go after my goals and dreams. But, even more than that his books always come with more than just information, they come with a plan to help the reader break down the information into bite size morsels in order to help the reader go to the next level in their leadership journey.

Another book I am reading, just started is called The Carrot Principle: The basic premise is this, as quoted from the jacket cover inside the book: "Do you think tha recognizing your employees will distract you and your team from more serious business, create jealousy, or make you look soft?...Think again." As I said, I just started the book so we will see. As I've thumbed through it it looks very interesting. It has statistics that show how team members that are recognized produce more, etc....we've all heard that before but the interesting thing here is that The Carrot Principle is going to show that not all recognition is the same. It sounds kind of like the Love Languages book by Gary Chapman...that maybe there are certain ways of recognizing people's works that really speaks to them versus just giving them a 100.00 bonus? I'll keep you posted...I know you'll be waiting on pins and needles. By the way the authors are Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton.

As far as my devotional stuff I'm reading Exodus. Recently finished Genesis and really focused on Joseph...I'm speaking on Forgiveness.."What to Do when I've been Wronged" at our next preview service on November 4. I believe most people don't reach their potential in life because of something that's holding them back in their past...often bitterness and unforgivenss. Just reading about Joseph is such a great reminder and model of how to forgive and how to move forward and not look back at all the wrongs done to us in our life.

And finally I'm reading Getting Things Done by David Allen:
Here's why I like this book; ROAD MAP. I'm slow, so it's taken me a couple readings of certain chapters but I finally got it. He gives you a road map for getting organized. I'm always trying to do better organizationally and this book is one of the few that doesn't just say, "You should get organized"...duh...this book actually shows you how to do it. Not just put things on lists and never get to them, but actually shows you a system whereby you can categorize things and put things in "Action" folders and keep things moving..thus..GETTING THINGS DONE! I love it. Again, it's a bit technical but helpful if you live by the rule I do which states, "Organize or Agonize." This book will help you do the former.

2 thoughts on “Chargers Help Get Things Back To "Normal"”

  1. Okay, Jeremy, i don’t know how you manage to read three book, jointly run a household, start up a new church AND keep your sanity. Kudos to you for all that you do!Have a great week. Looking forward to the new sermon on Sun.

  2. books….not book

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