Jeremy McGarity
October 2, 2007

Practice, Practice..and Office Update

Someone once said, "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail." It's been about a year a half now of thoughful prayer, consideration that turned into planning and determination and now we are here. We are about to have our first ever service in sunny San Diego, America's Finest City. But first, we must practice, and practice we did.

Our practice weekend went great. Portable Church delivered on time which was surprising considering they got in a wreck and totaled the trailer on their way here. They did a great job of helping us understand what it's going to take to set up and take down. We know there are going to be some things we're not thinking of but right now we're ready to go! We are looking forward to Sunday.

We had people helping and learning and some new people too! Great to see new faces pitching in. We're glad for all the help. After the first day where it took us from 10-3 to get a basic grasp of everything we turned on the mojo and on Sunday we had the entire nursery and pre-k set up in exactly 31 minutes.
The auditorium with chairs, screens, audio, drapery, signs, hospitality (with fresh brewed Starbucks)
was set up in 1 hour 30 minutes. We still didn't have the video linked but we've worked on that and it looks like all systems go!

Thanks for your continued prayers as we try to reach this community and beyond with the good news. We feel as though we are making inroads on a daily basis and look forward to the Harvest.

Another update: It looks like we are close to closing in on some office space in Eastlake (not too far from Olympian) We signed a letter of intent today and although it's not a done deal, it is possible the owner will accept our terms and we can be moving into our offices within a week or so. God is continuing to blaze the path ahead of us. Office space is so not cheap in this area! We've been holding out because it just didn't make sense. I got a call yesterday saying the owner of a prop we looked at a couple weeks ago wanted us to submit an offer on our terms. So, we did at a much, much lower price. Our broker thinks it could happen and we're excited to be on the verge of having our ministry center open for business just after our first preview service on October 7!
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  1. hey, jeremy, that’s exciting about the office space…i wanted to let you know that i used a few of your pics on my blog. i downloaded them from the mac page that berto emailed to us all to check out and i liked all the photos. didn’t get enough of my own this weekend, so i figured i would use those. hope it’s okay with you.

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