Jeremy McGarity
October 23, 2007

San Diego Responds to the Wildfires

The fires have taken their toll in the area here in San Diego. These pictures are of San Miguel mountain last night. It's burning from Chula Vista to Rancho San Diego and Spring Valley. We just got word that they are evacuating Rancho San Diego (which is where we are today at Janie's parent's house). The site was truly amazing last night. We stayed up until about 5am to make sure we were ok to stay.

The response by San Diegans to those in need has been nothing short of phenomenal. We made our way down to Qualcomm Stadium (home of the Chargers) which is one of the evacuation areas, to see if we could help and we dropped off some supplies and saw tons of people streaming in to help.

It's a great feeling seeing so many people come together to help. Officials reported today that they do not need anymore volunteers at Qualcomm stadium and they do not need anymore supplies. They have more than enough.

We appreciate your prayers as this disaster continues. Check out these links for live updates, video, and current pictures.
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  1. this goes without saying, but we ARE praying for everyone there. tell your wifey i miss her.

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