Jeremy McGarity
November 9, 2007


Woo Hoo! #2...Preview #2 is now history. 166 people made their way to Seven San Diego. We are halfway to our offical launch date on February 10, 2008. It is rapidly approaching. As part of the building process predictions from Church plant experts and other church leaders said you can expect about 50% of your first time total attendance (which was 261) so the bar was set at 130 and a half (I feel bad for that half person) people and I had a realistic goal of 150 people for our team so when 166 showed up I was ecstatic! I met so many people from the Otay Ranch, Chula Vista community and even greater San Diego community that had heard about us on the radio or through a mailer or door hanger. Afterward we had a lunch for people to hang out and get to know one another and ask me and our team questions about Seven San Diego. I talked with so many people right up until we had to get cleaned up and get out of there so the custodian at Olympian HS could go home. What a thrill.

Once again our peeps from the HD were so great to come and help us. Great to see all of you and thank you for your commitment. We are really looking forward to December 9th. We have some events planned for the community. Hopefully our Kids Matter Safety Fair will be rescheduled for Dec. 1. We are also planning on handing out donuts and coffee to people standing in line the day after Thanksgiving for the biggest shopping day of the year known as BLACK FRIDAY. We'll hit the Wal-Mart and Target shops in our area. I hear there are hundreds of people in line for these things because of the huge discounts given on this day only and for just a couple of hours apparantly. So people line up all night to be the first to get in on the discounts. What better way to connect with these people as they are stuck in line waiting, cold, hungry and thirsty for hot coffee. Seven SD to the rescue! Ok, that's a bit dramatic but it'll be cool to give 'em our info along with a hot cup of Starbucks and a Krispy Kreme or two. We will also do an teacher appreciation and/or fire department appreciation day with our ladies baking a bunch of cookies and delivering them to the teachers at Olympian HS and fire department down the street.
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  1. Oh no!!! you DID NOT just say Krispy Kreme! Shame on you Jeremy!I’ll be praying for you!

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