Jeremy McGarity
November 14, 2007


Good study day today. Had lots of time at Barnes and Noble (that's our Seven SD office East County). I dropped off our Suburban at Pep Boys (where my Dad works as a mechanic). Three of my best friends are there...Manny, Moe, and Jack. They've seen a lot of me lately, love those guys. The brake system is a mess, we were having to push it to the floor to stop that monster of metal. So, my Dad's been working on the whole system today, master cylinder, calipers, pads (even though we just got pads 7,000 miles ago...harsh braking conditions). Anyway, I dropped off the vehicle and walked across the street to B & N. Was there from 10:00am-3:30pm finishing work on the new message series for February-March 2008. Got it dialed in, need to make a couple of adjustments. I will reveal this groundbreaking, life-changing, momentus, grand opening message series soon.

My poor Dad is still there (5:02pm now) working on that tank, bless his heart. Heading out to our Seven SD meeting at Skyline Church tonight.

Office update: We've found the office space we want. Great location, space, everything. We haven't been able to come to terms on any of the spaces so far, but this space might be the reason why. It's just right, and across from a park we can use for events. Pray we get it if it's the Lord's will. It's got warehouse space too. We could store all of our stuff, and possibly our 24 foot, 10,000 pound trailer.

Our house: Well, we heard last night that a check for our house was on the way "up the hill." However, we've heard that at least five times since our house went into escrow, so we're not betting the boys on it. appreciate your continued prayers for that one!

Also, reading the book: Sex. God. by Rob Bell, started slowly for me, but Wow! did it pick up. Good stuff. Rob and I have disagreed in the past but he's nailed some stuff here that is absolutely powerful. Well Done Bell!
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  1. Rob Bell is an amazing teacher and even better guy…

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