Jeremy McGarity
December 20, 2007


Fear is a great deterrent to God's promises. We see this over and over in the Word. Most of the things we fear are irrational, they will never come to pass. But, we spend a great deal of energy thinking about a particular fearful situation. Mark Twain once said, "I've been through some terrible things in my life...a few of which actually happened." Someone once wrote: "Two natures beat within my breast, The one is foul, the other blessed. The one I love, the other I hate; The one I feed will dominate." Don't feed fear by constantly going over the dread in your mind. Feed on God's promises (remember there are over 7000 of them in His Word). Listen, yesterday and tomorrow clamor for our attention. Let me encourage you to pay attention to today. Live today in God's grace, remember He's thinking of you today, He cares what you're going through and He has great plans for you. Why not go to Him now, thank Him for his provision, blessings, and thank Him for Christmas.
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  1. JEREMY!!!! THANK YOU for your inspiring words. THANK YOU for your thoughtful gifts that you sent to our family. THANK YOU for choosing Christ, and for obeying and being an inspiration to us all. We love you guys, your boys… your wife, and hope that we will eventually be down there to share in our family’s lives. HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!!-love the lovett family

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