Jeremy McGarity
December 15, 2007

Kids Matter Safety Fair Huge Success!

Today was a win. A win in community service speak is an event that turns out to do just what one envisions and even more. Over 500 people came today to the Kids Matter Safety Fair. I have an awesome team to work with and they really pulled this off. Jules Sneddon is a huge blessing in getting the Safety Fair to this level of proficiency and effectiveness in our first attempt. We had 14 CHP officers doing the car seat checks. The line of cars was backed up. The fire department came. We had three bounce houses (one huge one with a slide) with kids flying off the walls in all of them. We had hundreds of hot dogs being swallowed by the masses. The Sno Cone machine was buzzing all day (it was 75 degrees and not a cloud in the sky today). The cotton candy was spinning all day. The popcorn was popping all day. The band Monday's Alibi did a fantastic job. Santa was set up on a Hollywood movie set like area for pictures with kids. Brittany took pictures of the kids, downloaded 'em onto her mac and printed them on a very cool Seven SD Christmas card. Tons of families took advantage of this little perk.

I talked with the mayor at length about Chula Vista and Otay Ranch and how Seven San Diego can partner with the city to make a difference. I met with a Chula Vista council member at length to discuss future developments in Otay Ranch. Great stuff.

Thanks to all of our new team members that joined us to help for this event. Thanks so much for becoming part of the Seven SD family.

Next Saturday we've got free Christmas gift wrapping at the Wal-Mart in Otay Ranch and Barnes and Noble and the car wash at Wal-Greens next to Wal-Mart.

We took tons of pictures and videos that will be downloaded shortly. Check back soon and also see our church website at

2 thoughts on “Kids Matter Safety Fair Huge Success!”

  1. Interesting to know.

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