Jeremy McGarity
March 12, 2008

Above> Average Joe

Above>Average Joe (New Teaching Series)

Do you feel like just another Average Joe? Well, you're not alone. We think you'll like what we have to say in the weeks to come. Our new teaching series begins after Easter on March 30th. Message titles for each date are as follows:

Above>Average Joe: Extraordinary roles for ordinary people

pt. 1, Mar. 30 ....How Joe Stops Complaining
pt. 2, Apr. 06 .....How Joe Quits an Addiction
pt. 3, Apr. 13 .....How Joe Protects his Marriage
pt. 4, Apr. 20 .....How Joe has Great Sex
pt. 5, Apr. 27 .....How Joe Manages his Money
pt. 6, May 04 .....How Joe Saves Time

Make sure to stop by the AMC in the Otay Ranch Town Center. We meet at 10 AM every Sunday at 2015 Birch Rd., Chula Vista, CA 91915.

Tell me about some of your experiences dealing with complaining, addiction, marital issues, money/debt and time management. I'd be glad to hear your story and maybe it would encourage others.

6 thoughts on “Above> Average Joe”

  1. I remember looking at this pic and thinking this was the most awesome series picture I had ever seen! Now seeing the topics I’m really excited! Much of these would be relevant for me to hear (Complaining, Addiction, Money and time management). It also seems perfectly practical for any young couple to hear as well. GREAT TOPICS!!!

  2. Right on, glad to hear it.I think the Average Joe series is going to really help people. The Bible speaks so clearly on these subjects.

  3. WOW!!! wish we could be there for every service. i am excited not only to hear it for myself, but for whoever in Chula Vista that might think that church never talks about relevant things. THIS SERIES WILL ROCK!Definetly wanna hear about great sex!Also if you need some more insight on quiting an addiction, ask chris. he’ll have tons of stuff (well i guess you would too since you were once a heathen like him!) BTW i think we’ll actually be spending a few days down there for that weekend of apr. 6th. hopefully our families can hook up for a bit.and just to add to this 9 page essay, please stop on over to my page and read the latest entry about needing prayer. thanks!!(click on twinpowermommy to take you there)🙂

  4. Thanks Candice. We’ll look forward to having you guys here. It would be good to have Chris give a testimony about overcoming addiction. If he’s willing let me know. His story would be inspiring to people here.

  5. I bet this series is great- i need to download it. I sure do miss Jeremy McGarity’s messages =)

  6. Hey Mindy! How are you and Marcos doing in the HD? Glad to hear from you, come down and see us soon!!!

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