Jeremy McGarity
March 28, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt with the Family

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A great time with the family. Too much candy for the kids. Aidan was covered in chocolate. It was a warm day and the chocolate shaped eggs didn't have a chance. Aidan's little body became a chocolate body. Needless to say it was an interesting evening trying to get them to bed. They were so addicted by bedtime they kept saying, "More candy, More candy..." We began offloading candy cargo that night...never to be seen again.

2 thoughts on “Easter Egg Hunt with the Family”

  1. doth my eyes deceive me or is that little jackson sporting red hair nowadays?! riley looks so big. those long lanky legs of his… 🙂can’t wait to check out more pics on your mac page.

  2. Jack’s got some very cool red locks

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