Jeremy McGarity
April 7, 2008

Moving Again

The Apartment at Camden Sierra has served us well for the past three months and it is now time to move into a house. We have found a rental across the street from the Otay Ranch Town Center (where they built our church)...of course we let them use the building for an AMC movie theater when we're not having service during the week...sharing with the community, it's what it's all about.

The house is great in so many ways. We will be in a beautiful community, lots of families to meet. A brand new recreation center is almost complete one block away. Parks and bike trails all around us, a yard for the kids and a place to host guests!!!

5 thoughts on “Moving Again”

  1. you must’ve taken that house picture on your mac. thanks for getting us all wet with the sprinklers!

  2. okay, really we need some more new stuff. i mean, c’mon, it’s not like you are in the middle of moving or anything!

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  4. Thanks Celulite (that sounds funny sayin that) glad you like it. thanks for commenting

  5. Candice, new stuff on now..check it out

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