Jeremy McGarity
May 20, 2008

A Great Week

It's been a great week. We had Sagemont Church from Houston Texas in town for the week helping us with missions work in the Chula Vista community. This is a college group of 22 people that gave up a week of their vacation to make a difference in our community. They are such a great group...what a blessing to have them out here. All their hard work in the community paid off. On Sunday we had our largest attendance since we've moved to the theater. It's exciting seeing what God is doing in such a young church.

Sagemont helped us survey our community and continue to get the heartbeat and pulse of Otay Ranch. Questions that were asked on the survey included: 1. Do you go to church (if yes, we said thank you and moved on). 2. If not, why not. 3. What would a church need to pique your interest to go? 4. Any suggestions for a brand new church starting in your community? After they completed the survey we asked if there was anything we could help them with, i.e., yardwork, etc. We are compiling the information and looking forward to seeing the results so we can better serve the people God has placed in our lives.

Now, I just drove up to Saddleback Church with Koby Orr (our worship leader at Seven SD). We're at the Purpose Driven Network conference in Lake Forest, CA. It's great visiting with friends and meeting with National Leaders, learning and growing. I am a learner (according to "Now Discover Your Strengths"..Marcus Buckingham) so an environment like this really fires me up. Just heard a great comment, "the mind can only absorb as much as the seat can endure." my seat is a hurtin' man but mind is absorbin'....been here about 10 hours now...lots going on...all good.

6 thoughts on “A Great Week”

  1. How cool to get that kind of feedback from the survey. So what were the results? I am curious to know things like that…

  2. We had a great week.Thanks for letting us come there.

  3. Russell, it was awesome to have you all, when you comin’ back?

  4. Candice,There were so many results from the surveys…if you’re really interested in the details I could email you the excel doc full of the results???? It’s very interesting.

  5. Please email it to me! I would love to read it…yes, i am a nerd!

  6. yea when are we coming back?🙂

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