Jeremy McGarity
July 5, 2008

Breakfast at Wimbledon and church

I'm not a huge tennis fan, but the final at Wimbledon I will watch. As a kid I used to watch Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilander, Jimmy Connors and John McEnroe go at it at Wimbledon. It was the only thing on TV during the summer on ESPN and my TV was absolutely stuck on channel 3. There was actually a time when I thought about giving up baseball to pursue a tennis career. I was lingering on the bench as freshman in High School and thought...enough team sports stuff I'm going to play tennnis. Well, the next game coach put me in to pitch and I tossed a 2-hitter and won and thought, "baseball very very good to me." Good choice England's a long ways away.

Tonight I'm going to welcome the team from 1st Baptist Houston to town. It will be good to have them in service...4th of July weekend....people out...phew...sweatin' it. Tomorrow we begin canvassing the neighborhood with registration forms and information about Seven SD and San Miguel Community Church. This week we hold the 1st annual South County Youth Olympics. It will be a good Olympic showdown between kids from all over the community. But, make no mistake, Seven SD wants to be crowned the reigning Youth Olympic Champions and wear the gold and cross-town bragging rights for the year.

Oh, and UFC tonight...Rampage vs. Griffin...anyone watching that tonight?

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at Wimbledon and church”

  1. Oh yeah….watching UFC right now!!!My aunt told me about the Baptist church coming out to help. She said that her church was helping sponsor them to come.Enjoy your weekend.

  2. We’re off to a great start with the group from Houston.looking forward to the rest of the are you guys doing?

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