Jeremy McGarity
August 21, 2008

Moving Time – SEPTEMBER 14

I know it's been 6 months since our last move and we were well over due. So, beginning Sunday, September 14, we, The Seven San Diego church family are moving again. AND, we are very excited about it. The new facility is called Wolf Canyon Elementary School. Hit the link to check it out. Located at 1950 Wolf Canyon Loop, Chula Vista, CA. 91913. It's actually right next to Olympian High School where we started and had our first services.

We will be moving back to Olympian HS in January. Although moving has it's challenges, I must say we are excited about what God is doing and how we get to ride His wave. This new facility will work out much better for us, although the location is off the beaten path, the facility suits us much better. We were blessed to be at the AMC theater for 6 months located in the heart of town but we were running out of children's space having rented 3 theaters to accommodate everybody.

Also, I'm looking forward to being in the High Desert this weekend doing a wedding and being with my desert friends at HDC and at 7 HD. I've been enjoying the brutal heat in San's like 78...tough, that's like 6 degrees higher than normal, hope it's not much worse in the High Desert??? :) See many of you this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Moving Time – SEPTEMBER 14”

  1. I like your riding the wave comment, go Rick!!

  2. amen

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