Jeremy McGarity
August 5, 2008

Mt. Hermon

Mt. Hermon was once again a great week. This was our 7th year in a row going to the Coastal Redwoods conference center. Every year the kids look forward to it. This year it was even more special. The kids were extra hyper in wanting to get there. They started asking about it 2 months earlier. Then, every day for the last three weeks Riley or Aidan would ask about Mt. Hermon.

It was great. We arrived and found out we would not have our beloved cabin known as "Acorn." We were booked into a cabin called, "Cedar." We didn't realized we would be sharing the small cabin with so many guests. Dozens of spiders and flying insects welcomed us and continually reminded us throughout the week of who's cabin it really is. Notice the small shower, suitable for the spiders, not a 6'6" dude. One time I pulled back Aidan's covers and a huge spider came scampering out...looked at me and I could of swore I heard, "put the covers back, my eight legs get cold."

Nevertheless, a great week. And, there was great teaching. I soaked up every bit of it. Three messages a day were given and I heard all but one! Normally, that is not the case, but I couldn't get enough, talk about getting "fed." Needless to say, we already put our deposit down for next year....hopefully, we'll be back in Acorn.

8 thoughts on “Mt. Hermon”

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  2. very nice! hahahahaha

  3. I’m glad you got some time away man, sounds fun!!!

  4. it looked like a great time! glad you had a blast!

  5. How cool!I get jealous every year. Someday my family will be able to join yours in this neat vacation away.I can’t believe how much Riley is starting to look more like Janie! His features are really changing!He used to be a spitting image of you and now he’s becoming more mom!

  6. hey thanks,It was really good being there. Candice, it’s a good thing Riley’s getting more of his mother’s features, she’s a beauty!!

  7. Hey Jeremy!Just wanted to say hello, and we hope you and your family are doing amazing down in SD. You guys are in our prayers… hopefully we will make it down sometime before summer is over! Take care!

  8. Hi Mindy!thanks for the note. How are you and the Marcos doing? I hear you’ve got a new house…congratulations!!!

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