Jeremy McGarity
September 19, 2008

10 Things after 10 Years

Today We Celebrate our 10th Anniversary

10 Things I Know After 10 Years with my Jane

1. I Love her more
2. Morning coffee with her tastes better
3. Continuing to have dates is a must
4. She's even prettier today
5. She's a great mommy
6. She's my best friend
7. I love spending time with her
8. Clear communication is key
9. We are growing in love and in faith together every day
10. Truly the love of my life

11 thoughts on “10 Things after 10 Years”

  1. very nice! hahahahaha

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  3. very awsome.

  4. you guys are amazing! and i know how you feel..Deandre is the love of my life!

  5. Congrats on 10 years!! What a sweet list.

  6. Congrats! Although if you keep this up you will have a very long blog post for 50 things for 50 years (and I am sure your wife will love it)

  7. Awesome bro!!

  8. Awe, so sweet! Congratulations. You and Janie are awesome!

  9. That pic is great! You guys look so perfect!Janie is so gorgeous!Happy 10th, guys…It’s good to be so blessed with the loves of our lives!I thank the Lord daily for my man and the amazing changes he’s made in us. God is good…all the time!

  10. congrats!i guess i need to start working on a “1 thing after 1 year post” 🙂 its three months away!

  11. We remember the day…10 years ago very well! Such a beautiful wedding and an even more beautiful couple!We think morning coffee with the both of you tastes even better too…we need to meet up at our midway meeting spot again soon!Love to you and your family,Toby, Cheri, Luke, and Reid

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