Jeremy McGarity
September 14, 2008

A Good Start

All in all today went great. Wolf Canyon looks like it will be a good home for us. It was hard for people to find but the 20 or so signs we had all over town seemed to help people find their way. There is so much potential for what we can do at this school. We really want to be a blessing to Wolf Canyon and the surrounding community. Thanks for all the hard work by the 7 SD team, wow! awesome day to get everything going and running so well. We also had the whole thing filmed professionally. Look for our video on the website in the coming days.

Now, after a 6 mile run I'm off to watch a movie with my bride.
Keep on praying for us, and thanks to so many of you who email me and send me such encouraging notes.

7 thoughts on “A Good Start”

  1. Jeremy, I am glad to hear you found a good site. A 6 mile run? Not bad.

  2. Excited to hear that things went well… You all are in my prayers!!And I agree, SIX MILE RUN!!! Wow, I’d like to get out and run just one mile! Hope you enjoyed your movie with your beautiful wife, tell her I said hi.

  3. Thanks Heidi! I will tell her Hi!

  4. Ben,How’s it going up North?I met with Mike today.

  5. It is going very well. God is really surprising us so far in a good way. That is cool that you met with Mike.

  6. 6 miles…WOW. didn’t realize you were into running like that!I tried the 1 mile thing, but it’s just so hard to stay committed especially when you don’t even LIKE it!Good for you!

  7. it’s taken three months to get to the 6 mile endurance, I actually am not into running….I don’t like the running part…I like the part after I’m done running.

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