Jeremy McGarity
October 22, 2008

Meat and Football

Saturday we're having our first 7SD Men's Breakfast...eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, OJ and coffee...oh and a football game after breakfast. I'm going to be giving a vision talk and we're going to hang out and have a great time...who knows we may go hunting, kill something, bring it back and cook it for lunch...all I know is we're doing guy things and 7SD is all about helping men be men...the type of guy God created us to be. Hope you can make it.

5 thoughts on “Meat and Football”

  1. Hey Pastor J! Super stoked about the BBQ and the vision talk. You might want to mention for the OLDER guys that we’re playing flag football so there’s no backs thrown out and hips needing replacing.

  2. man… i wish i could be there. sounds awesome.

  3. it’s gonna be great, andrew it would be worth it to fly out from Houston…: 🙂

  4. sounds fun…kinda makes me wanna be a guy. i can dig eggs, coffee, OJ hashbrowns…the whole nine yards…the hunting thing…well, i’ll have to pass on that. Too bad chris isn’t there to be a part of it.Someday……

  5. We’re looking forward to having you and Chris here.hopefully soon. 🙂

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