Jeremy McGarity
October 8, 2008

Welcome to 7SD Church Video

[youtube] Available on the front page of our website at Hopefully, lots of people will see this and check us out, hopefully, they'll hear the TXT and start a TXTG relationship.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 7SD Church Video”

  1. That’s a cool vid.Riley looked so handsome in it.The school looks nice. Can’t wait for my family to come and visit one of these times.Give your wife hugs for me.

  2. you will love the set up at this school, it’s awesome. pray we can stay here until we can buy land and build!

  3. We will be praying for you guys. We always do!…and as i’m sure Janie told you, we need prayer for guidance on this new location your brother told us about in santee. We are going to try and take a trip out there in the next couple of weeks to check it out. It sounds REAL good, but we need to see it to know more.Thanks!

  4. we will be praying, that could be awesome!

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