Jeremy McGarity
April 29, 2009

Opening Night Padres and 7SD New Building

Riley and I kept our tradition for the 5th straight year by attending Opening Day of the Padres (We always make it to one of the opening series games). This time it was versus the hated Dodgers. We had a great time enjoying our Toyota Terrace Seats (Thanks Ethan), and the new 5 for 5 deal the Padres have. 5 items for 5 bucks. I think that was the best part of the game since the Friars lost. However, we managed a split of the series by winning two or four games versus the heavily favored and highly paid Blue Man Group. 7SD: Here is the link to the building we are trying to lease to have our church offices and our auditorium, kids, pre-k, nursery, sports programs, etc.

2 thoughts on “Opening Night Padres and 7SD New Building”

  1. Wow Jeremy…love the pics of the building. How cool would that be? I will be praying for God’s leading in this decision/opportunity.

  2. The place looks GREAT!
    Chris and i are certainly praying for it to work out.
    Looking forward to you leaving in July so i can spend a few days with your wife!! 😀

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