Jeremy McGarity
June 11, 2009

Otis and the Carton of Shame

We have a new punishment device for Otis when he gets out of the yard and when he digs up the entire backyard as he has done many times.

I'm tired of repairing the grass after he digs and I'm tired of adding more boards and rocks to keep him from digging out of the yard.

So, I have crowned him with a new crown. He must now wear the carton of shame! So far, this has prevented him from digging under the fence and from tearing up the backyard.

We shall see if this will hold up until our vibrating collar and motion detecting fence with zapper arrives in the mail.

He has taken it amazingly well, only looking at me with that Otis look...which says...I will win...this carton will not last...soon as you are not looking I will return to the other side of the fence and your beautiful backyard will once again look like a war zone...only a matter of time...only a matter of time...(he continues saying that on and on in his mind....)
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1 thought on “Otis and the Carton of Shame”

  1. HA! LOL
    Janie was telling me that he digs up your back yard.
    Stink, man!

    Those pics were crackin me up, though. The look on his face says “this is pathetic. i don't deserve this…i did nutin' wrong!”
    Too funny!

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